Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off to the Capital October 23, 2008

What I have learned over the past years in dealing with the stalking and now getting the legislation passed is that life deals twists of fate when you least expect it....Tuesday morning when i checked the board list for the Senate voting session on Oct 23rd I was disappointed to not see S1106 up for a vote as promised. Senator Beck's office didn't understand it either. I left a message with Senate President Codey's office early in the morning. By 3:45PM not hearing back about the legislation I phoned Senate President Codey's Office and the phone was answered by a man saying "Governor Codey". I checked my cell phone as I thought I must have the wrong number but I soon realized my call was answered by the former Governor and Senate President himself. After getting over the shock of speaking with the former Governor, I explained that I was the woman with the open stalking case who had spoken to him at the NJBIA breakfast in September about the antistalking legislation and he had told me he would post it for a vote. Governor Codey immediately said let me see what I can do. An hour later I received a call from his aide telling me that the Governor asked him to call me back and he explained the minor Amendments and the bill need to be voted on separately. The amendments will be voted on tomorrow Thursday October 23rd and then on November 24th, the entire bill will be voted on. If all goes well, the bill will be ready for the Governors signature by Christmas! What a nice surprise. Tomorrow we are off to the Capital!!!

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