Saturday, January 16, 2010

NJ stalker commits suicide January 2010

How stunned am I to write this entry..... I was brought into the Prosecutors Office yesterday and told that the man who admitted to stalking me and placing threatening calls to me and who was facing federal prosecution committed suicide instead of facing the consequences for his actions.  I am shocked and saddened for the family's loss but as you all know i have struggled seeking justice for over a decade.  My humblest and heartfelt thanks go out to FBI Agent RJ Gallagher - this was a ten year case; it stopped and started and you didn't fail me.  Sergeant Ross Yenisey - words will never describe my sincere appreciation for all your help over the past 4 years.  You initiated crafting the NJ law to help me.  You wrote it inserting all of the critical parts relating to my case.  You never doubted me.  You encouraged me to keep fighting and you aided me in my fight for justice.  You deserved your promotion.  The fight for justice is not over...... somehow this man gained access to my American Express card and in one of his messages left on my voicemail  clearly told me "You lying ______................ I've got your cell phone number and that's not all I have you are going to get yours".  The next day someone in NYC is using my Amex card repeatedly.  Justice is coming........

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