Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kudos to Assemblyman Peter Barnes for crafting legislation to create a civil stalkng law for NJ

Here is a link to A 4086;

NJ stalking victims will soon have a new remedy to resolve their stalking and effectively remove their stalker from their lives.  The civil stalking law will turn the tables on the vengeful bull dog stalker who relentlessly pursues their victim for years causing irreparable harm.

NJ's criminal stalking law is not vague.  The current NJ criminal stalking law was crafted based on my case of third party stalking by the police who were helping me.  The legislation was in place in the summer of 2009 when my stalking escalated.  The Monmouth County Prosecutors office declined my case because I had not been physically harmed.  If I was homicide victim after being stalked and tortured for over a decade, prosecuting the case would have been a slam dunk. While I was still alive, too much effort would have been required and too many valuable resources expended to uphold the law and prosecute the case.  I wasn't murdered because I was fortunate to receive help from the FBI.   In six weeks the FBI identifed the third party stalker.  In 13 years, the Monmouth County Prosecutors office did nothing to stop the stalking.

The problem with the criminal stalking law is the people in place in NJ that are tasked to uphold the criminal stalking law either don't care or are too lazy to mount a case.  No one in Trenton is bothering to hold them responsible. 

A civil stalking law will give victims the necessary tool to fight back. 

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