Friday, December 16, 2011

Where the victim resides is where the investigation is handled....

The only county in NJ not complying with the dictate "where the victim resides is where the investigation into the crime is handled" is Monmouth County.   The only county in NJ not prosecuting stalking cases is Monmouth County.   Pete Warshaw needs to resign as prosecutor.  Pete is all about being in the press talking about the murder cases he is handling - how about preventing the murder?

If you are the victim of domestic violence or stalking in Monmouth County you are collateral damage as far as the prosecutors office is concerned.  When you are murdered you become an opportunity for Prosecutor Warshaw to address the media.  Monmouth County does not provide crime victims with victim witness advocates and they dismiss cases based on prosecutorial discretion prior to an investigation into the crime.

If you want to commit the act of stalking or domestic violence in NJ and your victim resides in Monmouth County,  your crime will never be investigated or prosecuted unless or until you murder you victim.  Criminals are free to torture their victims without any repercussion in Monmouth County.

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