Sunday, February 5, 2012

After the suicide of my stalker in Jan 2010, I contacted American Express Corporate Security to determine if there was evidence of fraudulent access to my online American Express Account. Somehow for 12 years, every time I travelled the stalker found me. I believe he did this by following my activity on my American Express Card Statement. In January of 2010, Rudy Cassias at Amex told me that 5 IP addresses were logging into my online Amex account. The Monmouth County Prosecutors office did nothing. Because there was a man using my Amex card fraudulently in NYC (that Monmouth County failed to arrest after apprehending), I appealed for help to the Manhattan DA and in October of 2010, ADA Judy Salwen through a grand jury subpoena obtained the IP address evidence from American Express Corporate Security. On October 15 2010, ADA Judy Salwen told me that 3 of the IP addresses logging into my online Amex account DID NOT belong to me. ADA Salwen issued an order to share the evidence with the Monmouth County Prosecutors office. The clock widget below is counting the days that Monmouth County has had the evidence and not resolved the matter.

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