Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stalked: Someone's Watching "Dangerous Games" February 21 10:30 PM

Tune in for episode 5 of Stalked: Someone's Watching

Feb 21, 10:30 pm  (episode premier)

(30 minutes)

Stalked: Someone's Watching

Dangerous Games

TV-14 (V)
Single mother Karen Welch gets a mysterious call on Christmas Eve. At first, she thinks nothing of it? but before long, she's getting dozens of hang-up calls every day. Follow Dr. Michelle Ward through this shocking game of cat and mouse.

Thank you Atlas Media Productions for picking my decade long story of stalking to weave into a documentary. The segment includes Marlboro Police Sgt Ross Yenisey who not only wrote the NJ stalking law for me based on my case of third party stalking but also worked with the FBI to apprehend the third party stalker.  Also on camera is my NY attorney Brian Sullivan who rode shot gun with me guiding me through the legal system and strategizing the game of cat and mouse.  Last but not least, thank you to my dear friend Lisa Tischendorf whose endless support has kept me sane through the insanity.

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Yellowbird daone said...

It airs again tonite @7:30
I can't wait to watch. AWESOME Karen !! TONS of thank you for NEVER giving up