Tuesday, September 23, 2008

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Reprinted to the left is a table listing COMMON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE STALKING ACTS from the book "The Psychology of Stalking; Clinical and Forensic Perspectives" Edited by J. Reid Meloy
Page 148 of the book continues
"Gottman et al. (1996) suggested that the most dangerous batterer may not be the one whose rage is out of control, but rather the one whose rage is "quiet', "cold" and totally under his/her control; what Meloy (1988) referred to as "predatory" rather than "affective" violence. This batterer has a mean streak that metes out cruel and vicious acts against his/her ex-partner. It is their need for revenge or vindication that motivates these stalkers. Dysfunctional cognitive thinking propels stalking behavior.

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