Sunday, September 28, 2008

Senate President Codey will post S1106 for vote !

The speakers at the breakfast I attended on Friday were Senate President Codey and Assembly Speaker Roberts. I thanked Speaker Roberts for posting A1563 and prior bill A4354 for a vote in the Assembly - the legislation passed the Assembly unanimously. A few days before I attended this breakfast, I spoke with the Chief of Staff for Senator Jennifer Beck, the Senator from my district who is one of the prime sponsors of the bill. I was told that Senate President Codey informed Senator Beck just the prior week that he would post S1106, the antistalking legislation for a vote. At this breakfast, I thanked Senate President Codey for agreeing to post this critical piece of legislation that will help me and the other victims of stalking who reside in NJ. He told me he was well aware of the need for this legislation, he would absolutely post it and he asked me to have Senator Beck send him a quick reminder to post the bill for a vote. The launch sequence has begun.........countdown to the first Senate voting session on Oct 23rd! Hooray!!!

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Anonymous said...

A special thanks to the members of the NJ Assembly and Senate public safety committees for supporting this much needed legislation!

New Jersey's law makers are setting a fantastic example for other states by passing this much needed legislation which will send a strong message to criminals throughout the nation-that stalking will not be tolerated!


Alexis A. Moore, President & Founder
Survivors In Action