Monday, September 15, 2008

Stalked to Walt Disney World Vacation 2008

With summer ending, everyone is talking about their vacation. Vacations when you are being stalked - escaping for some much needed R&R - are really not possible but the folks at Disney go out of their way to accommodate your special needs. A few days after testifying for the Assembly Law and Public Safety hearing in Feb 2008, I traveled with my child and close friend and her child to Disney World for the ESPN weekend event. Five hours after our plane landed in Florida, I was receiving phone calls on my cell phone from fax machines all around the state of NJ - area codes 973, 201, 609. The calls were coming ten minutes apart. (If you read the entire testimony below, you will know that on my birthday in Nov of 1998 my stalker found me in Disney World and used the voice changer machine from the slasher movie SCREAM to call my hotel room and sing Happy Birthday - I hung up and he called back. ) We were staying at the Polynesian Resort in 1998 and again in 2008 when the stalker reached out to scare us. I cannot describe for you how terribly disconcerting it is to know that someone is always tracking you and thinking of ways to scare you and ruin your life or spoil your vacation. Thankfully the folks at the front desk at the Polynesian were incredibly accommodating. Upon check in, they suggested we change our names and even printed our new identity on our ID Cards. Since it was ESPN the weekend - we became the Johan Santana family - see photo. They turned off the phone in our hotel room and moved our room as close to the main building as possible. I turned off my cell phone. For the remainder of our long weekend, we were the Santana family - we met our long lost relative Joaquin at the Contemporary Hotel gift shop and the maids thinking Johan was actually in the room asked the kids if their parents were in the room. Six months later, I get materials from Disney addressed to the Santana family. The trip was a blast. You rock Disney!

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