Sunday, September 28, 2008

Psychological impact of stalking

The majority of stalking victims do not seek mental health services, despite significant and serious mental health impact.
*- 80% of victims reported increased anxiety
*- 30% of victims developed PTSD
*- 25% of victims considered or attempted suicide
Yet, only 30% of female & 20% of male victims seek psychological counseling.

Sources: National Violence Against Women Survey, Tjaden & Thoennes (1998), Management of Victims of Stalking, Pathe, Mullen, & Purcell (2001) Reasons for not seeking counseling often mirror those for not reporting stalking: shame, embarassment, minimization, etc. Additionally, given the reality that 46 million people in this country do not have health insurance, psychological treatment is simply out of reach for many victims. This should not be a barrier to holding offenders accountable. If it is, offenders may end up targeting victims whom they learn do not have health insurance or cannot afford mental health counseling.


Anonymous said...

Living in fear takes it toll on a person; however, thanks to the hard work of dedicated individuals like Karen and the members of the New Jersey legislature stalking victims will have a fighting chance to overcome --and stalkers who are often domestic abusers will be held accountable for their actions.

There is also legislation in the works regarding the use of GPS technology with restraining orders. This is much needed legislation that is long over due!

One person can make a difference!

Victims of stalking and domestic abuse you are not alone! You can contact me directly by e-mail at

The Weaker Vessel said...

I lived in fear for 18 years in my abusive marriage to a teacher of grade school children! After being married for 14 years I left and was stalked relentlessly for 4 years!!!! I know the fear of being stalked - first hand!!!

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