Monday, September 8, 2008

State by State Stalking Statutes - NJ vs CA

Compare the California Stalking law which was strengthened again in 2008 with the current NJ stalking law adopted in 1992 and amended in 2001. NJ needs the swift passage of A1563 and S1106 - the proposed NJ stalking legislation.


Anonymous said...

Stalking legislation must be updated nationally to meet the demands of the "21st century".

Today, with the internet and the public access to millions of databases that house consumer private records - stalkers have the upper hand. But not for long-

Thanks to the hard work of NJ legislators, the supporters and sponsors new legislation is being proposed that will propel the anti-stalking statutes in to the 21st century. The new legislation will provide prosecutors and victims with the tools they need to combat these crimes.

Stalking has gone high-tech! The public is facing a new criminal epidemic today that is known as cyberstalking.

Stalkers no longer need to leave their homes to harass and torture their victims. Today, stalkers can do this easily from the sanctuary of their homes - annonymously behind a computer screen.

Lax privacy protection measures combined with antiquated stalking statutes make for a devestating and far too often lethal mix.

A stalking victim has no place to run - no place to hide today thanks to 21st century technology and the datafurnishing industry privacy is now a thing of the past. Phone records, employment records, social security numbers, banking iformation, drivers license history, credit history, medical history and more is all avaialble on-line today thanks to the billion dollar datafurnishing industry.

Datafurnishers provide consumer private records to the public including stalkers. On-line today a person can obtain phone numbers, credit information, employment information and more with the "simple click of the mouse" and often for less than it costs the average couple for dinner at their favorite restaurant.

We must encourage our law makers to consider stalking and cyberstalking to be the serious crime that it is and take action to protect the American people today!

Thank you to the NJ legislature and to the American people for supporting quality legislation such as this that will protect the public from this heinous crime.

Anonymous said...

AMEN sister!!!!!!!! We need this new legislation passed. NOW