Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Jersey Court Rules clearly require the judge to notate the parties at the appearance; why did the judge violate the court rules and not notate the other side of the case in the court order? What was the judge covering up?

RULE 4:42. Judgment; Orders; Damages; Costs 4:42-1. Form; Settlement

(a) Form; Contents. A judgment or order shall not contain a recital of the pleadings or the record of prior proceedings. It shall, however, include the following:

(1) A designation of the subject of the judgment or order (i.e., Summary Judgment Dismissing Complaint, Order Modifying Alimony);

(2) The date or dates on which the matter was heard or submitted;

(3) The appearances of counsel and parties appearing pro se;

(4) A separate numbered paragraph for each separate substantive provision of the judgment or order;

(5) The effective date of the judgment or order or of each provision if the effective date of any provision is different from the date of entry;

(6) A notation of whether the matter was opposed or unopposed as required by R. 1:6-2(a); and

(7) The notation prescribed by R. 1:6-2(f) respecting findings and conclusions and the annexation of a statement of reasons if required by that rule or by R. 1:7-4.

Days since NJ State Disciplinary Review Board remanded Attorney Ethics Case for Investigation